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Through the success of the PLATINUM POWER PACKAGE we are giving you one of the best value logo deals you can possibly get hold of on the Internet.

No high prices, deep analysis or long waiting time. We provide you with a stress free logo process, without sacrificing anything to achieve quality above any expectations.

We assure we are as picky as you in getting that very special logo, that will represent your company from tomorrow, and forever. Please do read more about “The secret” of our PLATINUM POWER PACKAGE here is a subsidiary service of . We work with designers throughout the continent and across the world. Only the best talent is needed to match up with our growing number of demanding customers.

All summed up, our company gathers the most experienced team of senior designers, together with a dedicated service staff, wanting to deliver and surprise above any standards.

Sounds expensive ?

Total price for the PLATINUM POWER PACKAGE here we have managed to present as low as AUD 29 (includes 10 unique logo suggestions, and everything else you need)

We believe that a design process focusing on efficiency and intensity, increases quality and shortens development time. A good doctor can get you the right medicine in little time. Years of education and experienced needed though. This is also what our service is about. Dedication to perfection, no time to be wasted. We’ll get the logo you are looking for, and we have the very first suggestions ready by tomorrow.


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Total AUD 29
100% Money Back Guarantee
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We will give you a 14 day price guarantee from the date of order: If you within this period find another provider with lower comparable price than us on logo design, we will give you a gift certificate that equals the price difference. The gift certificate can be used toward any of our other design products.
Refund Terms & Conditions
Refund Terms & Conditions