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Do I retain full copyright for the final logo design I choose?

Yes, you receive full ownership for the final logo design you select.

Can I trademark/get copyright protection for the logo?

Yes, you can apply for trademark/copyright protection for the logo design.

Do you use stockart or clipart in your designs?

No, all logo designs we provide you with are made by our own designers.

When will I receive the logo suggestions?

You will receive the first 3 logo suggestions by tomorrow. Sometimes we also give you more than 3. However, what we want to establish is the general type of design style you prefer, before continuing on the remaining logo concepts. If you like one of the first 3 in particular, we will continue creating suggestions based on that very design style & preference. In order to better understand your needs, give full attention to your project and create the most suitable design for you, we usually set aside 3-4 working days (sometimes less) to create the next set of samples. Also, sometimes customers are so happy with the first round, that further suggestions will not be required. In the end you will select one absolute favourite logo, that we will continue to revise until it meets all your requirements.

"By tomorrow", what does it mean exactly?

By tomorrow means that you shall have the first 3 logo suggestions during work hours tomorrow (between 7AM - 5PM). For example: if you order tonight at 11PM or 23:00, the designer will start work the next morning and deliver it to you by e-mail in the afternoon tomorrow. Also if you order on a Saturday you will receive the logo suggestions on Sunday. We have designers on duty 7 days a week. On revision rounds we usually set aside 3-4 working days (sometimes less) to update the order and/or create the next set of samples.

What if I do not like the 3 suggestions you send me tomorrow?

We will then review your order to see if there was anything we misinterpreted or overlooked. We will also ask you for more information. When we feel confident knowing exactly what you are looking for, we will develop new unique suggestions. In our PLATINUM POWER PACKAGE we include a total of 10 unique logo suggestions. At certain times, we also create more than 10 suggestions, if this is required to get you 100% satisfied.

What if I want to make changes to my logo?

Our PLATINUM POWER PACKAGE includes unlimited revisions.

What does your 100% money back guarantee mean?

It means that if you are not happy with our service and/or deliveries, we will refund your money according to the following terms and conditions:

  • You are entitled to a full 100% refund, without any fees, after we have provided at least 10 unique logo concepts, and no positive feedback was given from you during this process.
  • If any positive feedback was given to the designer at any time you will provide us with the opportunity to keep working until you are 100% satisfied, and hence revoke the opportunity for a refund.
  • Refunds must be requested within 10 business days after the original order date.
  • Orders older than 45 days after the original order date cannot be refunded.
  • Also please note that the refund cannot be granted if the final files for your logo/business card/stationery/website have already been delivered to you.

I am not comfortable paying online, can I trust you?

We use the online payment services PayPal ( and WorldPay (, depending on what country you are paying from. PayPal and WorldPay are internationally recognized, with representation in 38 countries and 20 million registered users. They meet even the strictest laws for online payment processing. The information you give will not be seen by us, but will be encrypted and sent through secure servers.

For more information, see PayPal’s own webpage:, and WorldPay's webpage: or contact us if you have any other questions regarding payment.

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100% Money Back Guarantee
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We will give you a 14 day price guarantee from the date of order: If you within this period find another provider with lower comparable price than us on logo design, we will give you a gift certificate that equals the price difference. The gift certificate can be used toward any of our other design products.
Refund Terms & Conditions
Refund Terms & Conditions